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Main Engines

  • Piston Stuffing Box parts; including Sealing + Scraper Rings
  • Piston Rings
  • Piston Telescopic Pipes and its constituting parts
  • Cylinder Liner parts (O-rings, Lubricating Quills, etc.)
  • Cylinder Cover + Insert parts [O Rings, Gaskets, Seats, Indicator Cocks, Studs]
  • Exhaust Valve Assemblies and all its major constituting spares
  • Starting + Relief Valves including Piston, Spindles, Bushes, Seats
  • Fuel Pump parts; including Plunger + Barrel; Delivery Valves, etc.
  • Fuel Valve including Spindle Guide Assemblies, Atomizers, Nozzles, Tips
  • All O-rings, Gaskets, Packing’s, Washers and Fasteners.

[Major/Heavy spares like Piston Crowns, Skirts, and Cylinder Heads/Inserts, Liners supplied against specific requirements].

Auxiliary Engine (Generators)

  • Pistons, Piston Rings, Piston Pins, P/Pin Bushes
  • Cylinder. Liners, Cylinder. Heads, Connecting Rods,
  • Fuel Valves, Nozzles, Plungers, Delivery Valves
  • Inlet/Exhaust Valves, Valve Guides + Seats, Rotators, Collets
  • Main Bearings + Crankpin Bearings + Thrust Collars
  • Assemblies & Parts of Cooling Water Pumps, LO Pumps, Fuel/Feed Pumps
  • Elements and Assemblies of Fuel Oil Filters, Lubricating Oil Filters
  • All O-Rings, Filters, Seals, Gaskets, Washers, Packing’s and Fasteners.


  • Rotor Assemblies, Impellers, Inducers, Nozzle Rings, Diffuser Ring
  • Bearings Assemblies (Blower + Turbine)
  • Lubricating Oil Pumps, Bushes, Oil Slingers, Sealing Strips
[Major parts like Casings supplied against specific requirements]